meshell rortina

While growing up my house always had animals.  We had pet bunnies, cats, turtles, frogs, even a duck.  Yes, you heard me right a pet duck named Oreo.  As a child I loved them all and always wanted more but it wasn’t until I got my first dog a Rottweiler named Athena that I knew I was a dog person.  I was about 11 when we got her and it was amazing.  I remember the day we got her that her little belly was so big and round and she was the biggest one in the litter.  I would go on to take her to puppy training and her and I would learn how to be a great team.  We were found often walking to the nearest gas station and getting a snack before turning around and walking home. 

The love and protection that she showed me was always a powerful thing. She taught me that I was a dog person.

I currently have two rescue mutts and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Lola, is a American Bulldog mix at 11 years old.  She predominately white with orange spots.  Her face has grayed some with her age but she has just as much personality as she did as a puppy.  Sadie, is my other dog.   She is an interesting mix of Boxer and Boston Terrier.   Sadie is 9 years old and she is a beautiful brindle.  Sadie has never grown out of the puppy stage and I love her for that.  She does the butt wiggle like a Boxer and it’s the greatest thing ever.

When I was approached by Karen and Debbie to join their team it seemed like a no brainer.  I have an extensive background in social media and a love of dogs.  I felt like it was a perfect match.  I am proud to be working with them in their effort to bring great quality products to dog owners like you and me.