Karen Finkle

Lions, Tigers and Bears…oh my!

My passion for animals is literally in my DNA.  Growing up the granddaughter of a Zoo director, I had the privilege of being introduced to a large variety of animals at a very young age.  I not only lived a block from the zoo, but was exposed to wild animals as a small child. My grandparents and parents would bring home baby lions, tigers, and bears ‘literally’ for bottle feedings….the baby elephants were my favorite.   

This nurturing aspect of my personality remained to drive the passion in my life. I later became interested in bringing the peace and serenity that I felt with animals, particularly dogs, to the human world. Prior to The Nurturing Paw I was involved in holistic healing for humans. A regular client of spas myself, I was searching for relaxation and rejuvenation, which developed into my becoming a spa owner and developer. I wanted to offer my fellow humans a place to escape their busy lives, if only for a brief time. I watched stressed clients come to the spa, then leave their treatment rooms calm and relaxed. Nothing makes me happier than watching the healing process, both physically and mentally, from a natural and holistic vantage point.

I would eventually combine my two loves by bringing a peaceful, holistic and rejuvenating offering to the marketplace allowing humans and their canine companions to experience overall serenity and healing… to be shared together in their own environment…