I began my massage career in 1997, training at Mueller College in San Diego, and beginning my first job at a world class spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On my return to the States, my business grew as Zen Body Therapy and Thai Massage techniques were incorporated into my work.

In 2011, I added Animal Massage to my repertoire. Along with my course in animal massage, I did a 6 month internship at State Line Animal Hospital. It was here that I worked hand in hand with the other vets and particularly with Sherry who was in the process of getting licensed in acupuncture. We worked in tandem with me giving a massage to relax the animal and find areas of tension and Sherry following up with acupuncture. My findings “coincidentally” always corresponded with the meridian involve with the Chinese Medicine diagnosis. This was illuminating, validating and exciting.

By working with animals, I got to experience what only animals can give you…. unconditional love and a deep level of trust. Their communication was direct, with no agenda. If it was working, they lovingly absorbed the work. If something hurt or they wanted you to back off, the message was immediate and very clear. “don’t do that”. Working with animals has expanded who I am as a person and practitioner. As I learned from the animals, I was also able to apply to my human clients. I am grateful for this gift.